WReynolds William Reynolds
Bill Reynolds is the founder of the company. Following a career in the Air Force, Bill found his calling in working to improve indoor air quality. For the past 17 years, he inspected hundreds of homes, commercial offices, industrial and government sites. He is an active participant in the community when it comes to air quality.

Karl Hough KHough

Karl Hough is a lifelong Fairbanks resident with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural resource Management from the University of Alaska. He is also certified by the state of Alaska as an Energy Rater. Having built numerous energy efficient homes and cabins in the Fairbanks area, Karl is experienced in the practices and problems of construction and living in this extreme environment. A portfolio of Home Energy and Indoor Air Quality courses combined with hundreds of on- site inspections have provided Karl with an extensive knowledge base for helping homeowners or renters gather useful information relating to their home or working environments.